Dr. Darvishzadeh:  Dental Insurance Benefits and End of the Year Tips

Many dental patients are surprised to find that they can actually save a large amount of money by taking full advantage of their dental benefits prior to the end of the year. It is important to note that certain dental insurance plans operate on . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi:  End of the Year Dental Insurance Benefit Strategies

There are a number of important reasons why you should make use of dental insurance before the end of the year. Making the most of unused dental insurance plan benefits is a smart way to maintain good oral health and overall wellness. Keep in mind that if your dental insurance plan is on a calendar . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Darvishzadeh: Invisalign vs Braces, What You Need to Know

Straightening crooked teeth is a major concern especially when talking about young children who are still in the developmental stages. Dental braces have traditionally provided excellent results when it comes to straightening teeth that are crooked, misaligned or poorly spaced. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: What is Orthodontics and what is it Used for Today

Simply stated, orthodontic care is a type of dental care that corrects teeth and the jaw when they are out of position or misaligned. Orthodontic care can treat both functional and aesthetic related problems for patients. Even cases where the jaw does not close properly they can effectively be treated by an orthodontist. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Darvishzadeh: Understanding the Full Jaw Restoration Process

Full jaw restoration is sometimes referred to as full mouth restoration, and is an important type of dental procedure that can help restore an individual’s smile and oral functionality. This type of restoration is helpful when teeth have become severely worn down over time. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: When Should I Wear a Night Guard?

A condition known as bruxism is one where an individual grinds or clinches their teeth. This can be extremely damaging to teeth over a period of time. In fact, when bruxism goes untreated permanent damage can result ending in tooth loss and even damage to the jaw and jaw muscles. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Darvishzadeh: Invisalign and its Many Benefits

Enjoying straight and truly attractive teeth is easier today than ever before. While braces have historically been an excellent option as a way to straighten teeth, Invisalign has quickly grown in popularity as an alternative to traditional metal braces. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Learn the Differences Between Dental Crowns vs. Veneers

Knowing the difference between dental crowns vs. veneers can help patients make more informed decisions when it comes to their dental health and outward visual appearance. In essence, when it comes to restoring and improving the look of a smile there are two main options – dental crowns or veneers. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: A Discussion on Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Patients who have missing teeth must deal each day with functionality related problems as well as aesthetics issues. Restoring teeth in order to return functionality and improve appearance can be as simple as choosing between dental implants vs. dentures. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)

dental crowns

Dr. Vandi: The Differences Between Porcelain Crowns vs. Metal Crowns

Today’s modern dental care services offer patients excellent options when it comes to restoring teeth that have been damaged or injured. Crowns are an outstanding solution that restores functionality, appearance and ultimately results in teeth becoming stronger and lasting longer.. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Exploring the Composite Filling vs. Amalgam Filling Debate

When restoring teeth, dental care providers typically offer patients the option of composite filling vs. amalgam filling. For those unfamiliar with this type of dental terminology, amalgam fillings are silver, while composite fillings are white in appearance. These are the most common materials used today in restoring teeth that require a filling.. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Differences Between Teeth Whitening vs. Teeth Cleaning

Not surprisingly, there are more people than would be expected who may not have idea what would be the Teeth Whitening vs. Teeth Cleaning differences between teeth whitening vs. teeth cleaning. This is simply not the case. While a professional cleaning is always beneficial to patients, those who have had their teeth cleaned may still not have completely white teeth.. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: How To Experience a Better Smile?

Everyone enjoys having a beautiful smile and all the benefits associated with attractive looking teeth. In fact, everything from improved self-esteem and better personal self-image to more employment prospects as well as increased quality of relationships can be experienced by simply improving one’s smile.. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: What is Periodontics?

Periodontal care is typically administered by a periodontist. This kind of dental care professional is one who specializes in the prevention as well as the diagnosis and treatment of something known as periodontal disease. A periodontist also routinely performs procedures associated with the placement of dental implants.. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: What is Endodontics?

A dentist who specializes in keeping teeth healthy through endodontic therapy or treatment is known as inWhat is Endodontics? endodontist. Endodontic procedures primarily focus on the soft inner tissue of the teeth known as the pulp.. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Gum Diseases and Their Symptoms

Not surprisingly a large percentage of adults today have some form of periodontal gum disease. Gum diseases vary substantially today and may include everything from the most basic types of gum inflammation to more serious conditions. More severe problems can end up damaging bone and the soft tissue that is used to support teeth. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Regular Dental Cleaning Vs. Deep Cleaning

To better understand the differences between regular dental cleaning vs. deep cleaning it is first important to know more about periodontitis. In short, periodontitis is a chronic type of infection or disease that affects the teeth as a result of excessive bacteria collecting in the pockets and spaces underneath the gum line. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Exploring the Science of Gum Graft Procedure

Gum graft procedure is a unique and innovative type of treatment that is designed primarily to help those who have Gum graft receding gums. One telltale sign that you may have receding gums is that teeth will actually begin to look longer than they have in the past. In addition, those with receding gums may experience sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)

close-up of a young woman holding her cheek in pain

Dr. Vandi: What to do About a Persistent Toothache

Tooth pain or a toothache can occur for a number of reasons. In many cases, the reason for a toothache is simply that a nerve within the tooth is irritated, diseased or traumatized. That said, toothaches and tooth pain can be the result of many different causes. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Understanding Teeth Whitening and its Advantages

Enjoying a brighter and more vibrant smile can be as simple as taking full advantage of all that modern teeth whitening makes possible. The options available today to those interested in teeth whitening technology include products that can be used at home or simply visiting a dentist for more complete treatment. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Dental Bridges for Better Functionality and Appearance

Today more than ever before dental patients have options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Teeth can go missing for number of reasons including injury, trauma or illness. When this happens a smile as well as overall general oral functionality can be affected. Missing teeth can also affect proper occlusion and may cause surrounding teeth to move or shift.  . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Understanding Wisdom Tooth Removal and its Benefits

Sometimes referred to simply as the third molars, wisdom teeth typically erupt in young adults between the ages of 17 and 21. That said while these teeth are as important as other teeth, they can be susceptible to a variety of problems associated with their eruption. Perhaps the most notable problem with wisdom tooth development is that there is sometimes limited room remaining in the mouth needed to accommodate molars. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: What Are Dental Veneers And How Do They Benefit Dental Patients?

In terms of an excellent solution that is used to help patients achieve better outward appearance, dental veneers are a great choice. They work effectively to remedy chipped teeth, poorly shaped teeth or even the gaps between teeth. In essence, a veneer or dental veneer is nothing more than a thin cover that is permanently adhered to teeth in order to provide a more natural shape and look for teeth. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Bone Grafting in Dentistry And When It Is Necessary

Bone grafting is an innovative and unique way of correcting deficiencies in bone mass and bone density in areas throughout the jawbone. The procedure is most frequently seen in relation to dental implant surgery. That said it is important to note that not all dental implant procedures demand that bone grafting be performed. Only when there is insufficient bone to support proper implant placement will bone grafting be utilized. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)


Dr. Vandi: Are You Afraid Of Having Dental Work? Don’t Be, Because There Is A Solution: “Oral Sedation”

Being able to relax in the dentist’s chair is not as difficult as it may sound. While some people experience mild anxiety or other more intense feelings, there really is no logical reason to be tense or experience fear when talking about modern dentistry. In fact, the science of dentistry has become so advanced that it enjoys extremely high success rates with virtually little to no pain ever being felt by the patient. . . . (Read more on website) (Reddit)

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